We at Golf Cart Rentals The Villages are golf car enthusiasts, dedicated to offering you an exciting experience with quality services. Our fleet of golf carts includes vehicles from all popular manufacturers to ensure that you enjoy the fun and adventure that a quality golf cart can offer.

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Golf Cart Rentals The Villages is a golf car dealership that specializes in golf cart fleet rentals, serving The Villages and neighboring areas. We offer both new and Pre-owned golf carts, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will always be available to help you choose the right golf car for your needs. Our team of experienced staff members is committed to delivering an outstanding service at every point, be it renting golf carts, buying golf carts, or seeking assistance with any golf cart repairs. We also offer ongoing maintenance and customization services to fulfill your specific demands.

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What We Offer

Golf Cart Rentals The Villages has been serving the retirement neighborhoods for several years. You can get in touch with us for golf cart rentals for a day, a week, a month, or even a year!

We offer you a wide collection of different types of golf carts as well to suit your individual needs, be it 2-passenger golf carts, 4-passenger golf carts, 6-passenger golf carts, custom-built golf carts, or utility vehicles. Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured with the best quality rental service and the most competitive pricing when you contact Golf Cart Rentals The Villages.

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Our Services


Our services

We offer electric golf cart rentals to meet and support your green-living initiatives. They are becoming the standard around the country because electric golf carts are quiet on the course, need little maintenance, and help you to save money on gas refills. You only need to ensure that your golf cart battery is charged enough to meet your needs of golfing or touring around the area.

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You can also contact us for gasoline-powered golf cart rentals that come with Eco-friendly advancements. They are more powerful and equipped to carry more weight than electric golf carts. That makes gas golf carts a great option for utility purposes or for situations when you are planning to roam around for a long time. Refilling is easy and maneuvering a gas golf cart is also much simpler.


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Proper care and maintenance of golf carts is important to guarantee their optimal performance and years of dependable operation. Golf carts should be treated like any other automobile, which means that hiring a reliable golf cart repair company for periodic maintenance is vital to keep them in proper working order. As part of our scheduled maintenance, we will check and fix any issues with the batteries, brakes, parking brakes, tires, alignment, suspension, turn signals, headlights, taillights, warning lights, switches, battery cables, and other parts and fittings of your golf cart.

Mobile Service The Villages

While regular maintenance ensures that your golf cart remains operational, unexpected failures or breakdowns can still. Happen. That is why we also offer mobile repair services for golf carts to fix the problems in your vehicle instantly at the location. Our team maintains an extensive inventory of golf cart parts and accessories so that any kind of general repairs and maintenance need can be carried out in no time. You can also rely on us for replacing just about any golf cart part or accessory for the most affordable costs.



Our experts can help you get the right fittings and accessories to meet your golf cart customization needs for the best prices. From specialized golf cart tires and wheels, custom seats, and LED light bars to brush guards, custom dashboards, and a variety of other golf cart accessories, we can help you find the best deals on everything needed to customize your vehicle. You can also contact us for converting your 2-seater golf cart into a 4-passenger golf cart to accommodate your specific requirements.

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We have a collection of many custom-built golf carts that are ideal for various purposes like hunting, racing, farm use, or even equipment hauling. You can rent any of the desired custom carts for your off-course and off-road use as well. Our team can further personalize the golf carts with camouflaged bodies, high torque motors, matching seat covers, custom enclosures, lift kits, heavier suspension, high torque controllers, and more to suit your needs and give them greater flexibility in rougher terrain. You can also give your golf cart a custom paint job for a unique touch.

Other Services

We at Golf Cart Rentals The Villages are more than a golf cart fleet rental company. We offer all-inclusive golf cart services to cater to your specific demands, guaranteeing you the best rates in the industry.
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Our team can help you with accessory installation on any type of golf cart. Choose from winches, ladder racks, hitches, skid plates, utility boxes, radios, extra coolers, dash cams, and more to suit your needs.

Safety Inspections The Villages

Our team can help you with accessory installation on any type of golf cart. Choose from winches, ladder racks, hitches, skid plates, utility boxes, radios, extra coolers, dash cams, and more to suit your needs.

Utility Vehicle Service Safety Inspections The Villages

Make sure that your golf cart utility vehicle is ready for the upcoming season with our excellent repair services. Even if you just need an extra pair of trusted hands, you can rely on us to maintain your fleet of vehicles any day.

Custom Carts

We offer custom carts for meeting your varied demands, which not only covers updating its exterior looks but also upgrading the vehicle performance. From rebuilding the engine to installing new components, we can do it all.

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You do not have to go with full repairs of your golf carts always; sometimes, a quick tune-up can be enough to boost its performance. We offer full tune-up services year-round to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Our golf cart maintenance services also include a thorough cleaning of your vehicle. We also apply a coat of wax on your golf carts to keep them shiny as new. Washing and detailing services are available for short-term rentals as well.

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