Orange Blossom Hills Country Club

The Orange Blossom Hills Country Club stands as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts and those seeking a refined social experience. This exclusive club, often referred to as simply “Orange Blossom Hills,” combines the allure of a meticulously designed golf course with upscale amenities, creating a haven for recreation and community.

At the centerpiece of Orange Blossom Hills is its championship golf course, a meticulously landscaped expanse that challenges players of all skill levels. Designed with precision and surrounded by the natural beauty of Florida, the course offers not only a rewarding golfing experience but also stunning views of lush greenery and picturesque water features. Golf enthusiasts can be found honing their skills, participating in tournaments, or simply enjoying a leisurely round with friends against the backdrop of the serene landscape.

Beyond the golfing experience, Orange Blossom Hills Country Club provides a host of amenities that contribute to its status as a social hub within The Villages. The clubhouse is an architectural gem, featuring elegant design elements and panoramic views of the golf course. It serves as a gathering place for members, offering fine dining options, social events, and a welcoming atmosphere where residents can connect and build lasting friendships. Learn More

The country club is not just a sports and social venue; it’s also a place for fitness and relaxation. Fitness facilities, including well-equipped gyms and exercise spaces, cater to members seeking to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The inviting pool area provides a refreshing escape, whether it’s for a swim, a soak in the sun, or socializing with fellow club members.

Social events at Orange Blossom Hills range from formal gatherings to casual mixers, creating a diverse calendar that appeals to various preferences. Whether it’s a themed dinner, a live music performance, or a community celebration, the club’s events contribute to the vibrant social tapestry of The Villages.

Membership at Orange Blossom Hills Country Club extends beyond the amenities and activities; it’s an invitation to be part of an exclusive community with a shared passion for golf, recreation, and camaraderie. The club’s commitment to excellence in service and facilities reflects The Villages’ dedication to providing residents with a high-quality living experience.

Orange Blossom Hills Country Club stands as a testament to The Villages’ commitment to providing a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle for its residents. From the meticulously maintained golf course to the upscale amenities and vibrant social scene, the country club encapsulates the essence of community, recreation, and refinement within this unique and thriving Florida community. Next

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