Golf Cart Fleet Rentals

Golf Cart Rentals The Villages has been offering the best quality services for golf cart fleet rentals in and around Sumter, Lake, and Marion counties for years. We are committed to treat our clients like family and ensure that they have the best golf cart rental experience. Our team has also provided fleet golf cart rental services to some of the largest events in Florida with a promise of exceptional quality. You can choose from 2-passenger, 4-passenger, 6-passenger, and many other types of golf carts as per your needs and we will deliver them right at your location.

We at Golf Cart Rentals The Villages are experienced in handling all kinds of special events request for golf cart fleet rentals. Our team is well-equipped with all the tools and right exposure to improve any event with quality golf cart rental services. We can also arrange for golf cart valet drivers at the request of our clients to ensure that they have a hassle-free experience when hosting an event in The Villages area. Be it for utility purposes, transporting the guests, or any other requirements, we can offer the right golf cart rental solutions to suit your event in the best way.

Our golf carts can easily accommodate your needs of navigating large or congested venues when hosting a special event. You can also rent golf carts for personal and recreational use to explore the picturesque and quaint retirement neighborhoods of The Villages. We also offer special discounts and golf cart fleet rental deals from time to time. Even during peak season times, we keep our rates competitive so that you can enjoy the perks of having a golf cart rental at your disposal. Consult with our team to learn more about the pricing details.


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Electric Golf Cart Rentals

We offer electric golf cart rentals to meet and support your green-living initiatives. They are becoming the standard around the country because electric golf carts are quiet on the course, need little maintenance, and help you to save money on gas refills. You only need to ensure that your golf cart battery is charged enough to meet your needs of golfing or touring around the area.

Golf cart fleet rentals

Gas Golf Cart Rentals

You can also contact us for gasoline-powered golf cart rentals that come with Eco-friendly advancements. They are more powerful and equipped to carry more weight than electric golf carts. That makes gas golf carts a great option for utility purposes or for situations when you are planning to roam around for a long time. Refilling is easy and maneuvering a gas golf cart is also much simpler.

Lady and her family with a golf cart
Apart from electric and gas-powered golf carts, we can also help you with other types of vehicles like diesel-powered golf carts, remote-controlled golf carts, and more. Our team can also help you with repairs and maintenance of all types of golf carts as per your requirements. Contact us now to learn more about golf cart rentals and find one that suits your needs in the best way!
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